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Odessa festival 1998: music as a means for emancipation – 2022: democracy Ukraine under attack

In 2014 the Ukrainians ousted their autocratic, Russian oriented president Viktor Yanukovych. Now their hard-won freedom is under attack from Vladimir Putin. In 1998 people I met at the festival Two Days & Two Nights of New Music in Odessa … Continue reading

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Manfred Trojahn on his opera Eurydice – Die Liebenden, blind: ‘Eurydice is a vague person’

In 2011, Dutch National Opera presented the world premiere of Orest, directed by Katie Mitchell. Eleven years later, the Opera Forward Festival stages Eurydice – Die Liebenden, blind, for which Manfred Trojahn also wrote the libretto himself. The premiere is … Continue reading

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Huba de Graaff honours Persian poet Forough Farrokhzad: ‘Long live rebels!

Huba de Graaff (Amsterdam, 1959) is one of the most original composers in the Netherlands. In her idiosyncratic music theatre shows, she brings speakers to life (Lautsprecher Arnolt, 2003), explores the common ground between Flemish polyphony and monkey song (Apera, … Continue reading

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Oerknal Ensemble portrays Lewis Nielson, a ‘thinking man’s composer’

I must confess: when I opened the envelope containing the new CD Canto by the Oerknal ensemble, I was completely surprised. I had never heard of Lewis Nielson, to whose music the disc is dedicated. That his name did not … Continue reading

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Let me tell you Hans Abrahamsen – Ophelia resumes control

Hans Abrahamsen hopes to celebrate his 70th birthday in December 2022, but is already a central composer in NTR ZaterdagMatinee. On 29 January his Horn Concerto received its belated Dutch premiere; in May Asko|Schönberg will perform his trilogy Winternacht / … Continue reading

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