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Pianist Ursula Oppens on composer Laura Kaminsky: ‘She dares to express extreme emotions’

Ursula Oppens is a renowned champion of contemporary music, who worked with all the greats of the 20th and 21st centuries. – TIME dubbed her ‘The Madonna of contemporary music’. She has a close bond with the American composer Laura … Continue reading

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Vanessa Lann: ‘The Pilgrim Fathers “founded” America, but for the Native Americans it was an entirely different matter’

In Far Cries | Distance No Object, premiered in Operadagen Rotterdam in 2020, Vanessa Lann addressed the theme of leave-taking. The show was inspired by the 400th anniversary of the day in 1620 when the Pilgrim Fathers embarked on a … Continue reading

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Medea, Circe & Penelope get a voice of their own

Euripides immortalized Medea in his eponymous play, Homer recounted Circe and Penelope in his Odyssey. Throughout the centuries, their labelling of the threesome became ever more solidified. We regard Medea as a hysterical child murderer, Circe as a malicious witch … Continue reading

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