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Vocal artist and composer Molly Pease: ‘My father gave me wings’

Vocal artist and composer Molly Pease based her enchanting cantata Inner Astronomy on 8 poems her father wrote while suffering from depression Continue reading

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Here are all the black female composers!

If you want to change the world, start with the young and malleable. This must have been the thought of Nathan Holder when he decided to write a book about black female composers. Instead of adding yet another exposé to … Continue reading

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Tapping and hi-hatting clarinettist in Keyla Orozco’s Estudio del Pajarillo

Though in the last decade she has been living in the United States, Keyla Orozco still has a strong bond with the Netherlands. On 11 April clarinettist David Kweksilber will perform her Estudo del pajarillo for a live stream from … Continue reading

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Rob Zuidam zooms in on Joanna the Mad in his opera Rage d’Amours: ‘Joanna took me by the hand’

In 2005, Dutch National Opera and Holland Festival presented Rob Zuidam’s opera Rage d’Amours. Five years later, he received the Kees van Baaren Prize for this blood-curdling production about the life of Joanna The Mad. The award ceremony was part … Continue reading

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