Amsterdam Sinfonietta features Tigran Mansurian

Amsterdam, 12-10-2012 – Amsterdam Sinfonietta tours the Netherlands with music by the Armenian composer Tigran Mansurian. Yesterday four of his works were played in Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam. The Moldavian violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaya was the soloist in Ernste Gesänge for violin and string orchestra, and combined forces with the German cellist Anja Lechner in Double Concerto for cello and string orchestra.

Mansurian wrote two new compositons fot both the soloists, that were premiered to great acclaim by an almost full house: Romance (Kopatchinskaya) and Quasi parlando (Lechner). The audience was impressed by Mansurian’s meditative and delicate style, that sometimes concentrates on one note only.

In my pre concert talk both Kopatchinskaya and Lechner stressed that it requieres immense concentration and skill to get to the essence of Mansurian’s music. They succeeded brilliantly, for the audience gave them, and Amsterdam Sinfonietta, a very enthusiastic applause.

Thea Derks & Tigran Mansurian, Muziekgebouw 11 October 2012

Tigran Mansurian took part in my introduction, too. Because he only speaks Armenian and Russian, his assistant Chagigh translated. Mansurian explained that his music is a continuous search for the truth, which he hardly ever finds. His music is deeply rooted in Armenian folk song, and on my request the composer performed the subdued Hov arek (‘Blow a breeze, dear mountains’).

The four works presented by Amsterdam Sinfonietta yesterday, will be released on cd by the German new music label ECM next year.


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